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Our Clients Love Us

“Benjamin has been an invaluable partner for our entire brokerage. He understands the importance we place on prompt and thorough service. That’s why he’s our go to guy whenever something comes up that’s in his wheelhouse.

Ron Terrance, Real Estate Agent

“We called Ben to come out to our property to get rid of the rats that were causing noises in the walls for our tenants. Showed up on time, was knowledgeable and educated us throughout the process. He stuck true to his word and followed up several times until all the rodents were gone. We haven’t had any issues since.”

Rachel Melt, Property Manager

“Our son heard noises coming from the ceiling of our son’s bedroom for a couple weeks. After searching online for a company, Tri County Trapping really stood out to us because Ben was quick to answer, quick to respond and quick to get here. During the inspection we learned a whole family of raccoons were living in the attic. After a pheromone treatment, they not only left on their own, they were out right after. Ben sealed the openings. 

Mike Chang, Homeowner