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Gophers, Moles, and Voles,
Oh My!

Gophers, Moles, and Voles are all usually found in the same places and exhibit similar behavior. These guys prefer to live underground and spend most of their time there, which can make dealing with them a real pain. While these little guys may appear cute and cuddly, they can cause many problems and cost you a lot of money!

In their natural environments like large, open rural areas. These rodents are relatively harmless until in their natural environment but wreak havoc on all the plants and trees in your yard since they enjoy eating the roots. Not only that, but these diggers often damage irrigation and landscaping systems.

There are many ways to deal with these problems, many of them you can attempt yourself. However, the solution is typically short lived since the only way to permanently deal with the problem involves treating the root issue.



Remove Attractants

Moles, Voles and Gophers feed on insects living in the ground. You can eliminate this food source yourself by using nematodes and milky spore, killing the insects they eat in your soil.


During the inspection, we'll diagnose the severity of the problem and offer you a variety of solutions to meet your needs.


Depending on the unique situation as well as what option you decide to go with, we may set up traps, use repellents, or apply chemical treatments. In some cases, we will even flood and fumigate their burrows.


We check to see if the gophers have packed up and moved on by collapsing the holes to see if they return. Once they're gone, we have several solutions to deter more come froming, including electronic devices and certain plants.

Goodbye Gophers!

Using proven, effective strategies to turn your Opossum problems into a thing of the past.. Permanently.

Tri County Trappers utilizes what is called an “Integrated Pest Management” approach. Widely considered the industry standard, we deploy a wide range of methods to ensure the issue has zero chance of persisting.

Gophers, Moles and Voles will absolutely destroy most of the plants in your yard if left unchecked. However, with a proper strategy in place, these little critters need not cause you anymore headaches!

The professionals at Tri County Trappers are here to make sure they are handled in a swift and timely manner.


Do You Offer Gopher, Mole & Vole Removal, Exclusion, Proofing Near Me?

Tri County Trappers has served the greater Southern California area for over 10 years. With locations in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, we’re usually able to assess your gopher problem within 24 hours of your call. So, don’t hesitate, reach out today!

Make Gopher, Mole & Zole Problems A Thing Of The Past.

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This is because following every inspection, you’ll be provided with an array of options to suit your pest issues. We provide you with a full rundown of the problem, what’s causing it, and how to keep it from ever happening again.


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