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Wild Animals Causing Problems?

Trapping is the last resort, but sometimes, it may be your only option. If you can’t resolve the conflict using other means – like using an repellant or installing a barrier – trapping may be the only way to solve it for both animals and the trapper. 

How do you capture wild animals?

A cage trap consists of three parts: A boxlike structure made out of wood, metal, plastic, etc., which contains the bait and closes off one side of the trap. This part may have a lid or cover over its top opening. An entranceway leading into the interior of the box. A device called a “treadle” or “pan,” usually consisting of a piece of wire attached to a spring mechanism, which allows the user to open the door by stepping on it with his/her foot. The treadle is connected to an arm that can be moved up and down in order for the animal to enter the trap. When the animal steps onto the treadle, the door opens automatically. Once inside the trap, the animal cannot get back out without being caught.

The second component of this type of trap is a trigger mechanism. It’s purpose is to release the animal from the trap once he has been captured. There are two types of triggers used in these traps; mechanical and electrical. Mechanical triggers use springs as their main force. Electrical triggers use electricity instead of springs. Both methods work well but they do not always catch all animals. For example, if you set your trap at night when no light source is available, then there will be no way to see what kind of animal is entering the trap. If you don’t know what species of animal is going to come through, then you might end up setting your trap too close to another animal’s home range. In addition, some animals such as raccoons and opossums can climb trees very easily so they could escape before the trap releases them.

The third component of this type of trapping system is a means of holding the trapped animal until someone comes along to collect him/her. Some people like to keep the animal alive while others prefer killing them immediately after capture. Either method works fine depending upon how much time you want to spend hunting. You should also consider whether you would rather kill the animal yourself or hire somebody else to do it for you.

What is the name of someone who traps wild animals?

Someone who traps animals is commonly referred to as a trapper. More specifically, the finest trapper in Orange County and Los Angeles is Benjamin Boothe. As the owner of the company and a licensed technician, he will personally oversee your job until completion. Trapper is a job title that has numerous names, and can also be called a hunter, sportman, or had a fur trade.

What do you do if you catch an animal in a live trap?

Depending on your specifications, the type of animal, plus local regulations will determine what happens to the animal after we trap it.

Sometimes they are relocated, sometimes they are euthanized.

Is it illegal to trap a wild animal?

The legality of trapping a wild animal boils down to what type of animal it is, including state and local regulations.

One common wild animal that we trap often is Coyotes. It has been proven that even if 75% of the population was euthanized every year for 5 years, the population would return back to normal. It’s no wonder some people have such serious problems with wild animals. That’s why it’s best to hire an expert and get the job done right.


Making Invading Critters A Bad Memory

Step 1

We'll assess the problem and offer you a variety of options in reaching the best response

Step 2

We will apply repellants and barriers, while sealing off the home if there are any issues with them getting inside. This step often involves multiple visits.

Step 3

If the barriers and repellents are ineffective, or they do not make sense to start with, we will strategically place cage traps around the property. They will be checked and rebaited until the problem is remediated. If any of the animals found their way inside and caused damage, we are a full service company that can safely restore any affected areas into brand new condition.

Why We're #1 For Wild Animal Trapping

Using proven, effective strategies to turn your coyote problems into a thing of the past.. Permanently.

Tri County Trappers utilizes what is called an “Integrated Pest Management” approach. Widely considered the industry standard, we deploy a wide range of methods to ensure the issue has zero chance of persisting.

Wild animals can wreak havoc on your property, causing thousands of dollars of damage if left unchecked. It’s important to remember that many wild animals also carry disease which they can pass on through direct contact, or excrement. That’s why we always suggest contacting a professional as soon as you become aware of the issue.


Do You Offer Exclusion & Wild Animal Trapping Near Me?

Tri County Trappers has served the greater Southern California area for over 10 years. With locations in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, we’re usually able to assess your coyote problem within 24 hours of your call. So, don’t hesitate, reach out today!

Make Coyote Problems A Thing Of The Past.

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