Rodent Proofing Orange County & Los Angeles | Ultimate Guide

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Showing what happens when a house is not rodent proofed correctly
Rodents can come in through the walls outside or the roof.

We get asked about Rodent Proofing in Orange County quite frequently. Making sure the home is sealed off from rodents and other intruders is vital. If you’ve heard sounds in the walls, then chances are that your home is in need of Rodent Proofing. In some cases, a rodent infestation can even lead to dangers such as house fires and power outages, due to rats and mice chewing on electrical wires and circuits. When rodents invade the hidden areas of your home, they also often saturate the insulation with droppings and other filth, which leads to it needing to be replaced. Otherwise, it can become a hotbed of disease. That’s why the best step to take is professional prevention services at the first sign of any problem. Our company is committed to getting the job done in a complete manner while proving you with the best warranty and experience in the industry so you can sleep easy at night.

Because of the prevalence and dangers of rodent infestations, it is highly recommended to take certain safety measures in order to rodent proof your home and repel these creatures from your living space before they can become a serious problem. Gaining access for inspection of the crawlspace and attic to inspect damaged insulation may exist is the first step to permanently eliminate these pests. Simply setting traps is not enough to protect your family in the long t/erm, nor is a one time removal, even if it is comprehensive. Whether it seems like one rat or a thousand mice, it is most important to be thorough in more just the elimination of the immediate problem if you want to avoid more cleaning or costly HVAC expenses.

pictures of a rodent proofing and rodent remediation job

Rodent Proofing Services For Your Home in Orange County

Things To Consider


When Is Rodent Proofing Necessary?


It’s advisable to do everything possible to keep a rodent infestation from developing in your home before it actually becomes a problem. However, it’s key to know how to recognize the signs of a rodent infestation, which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Inexplicable holes in or around your property
  • Chewed or shedded material such as wood or cardboard
  • Rat droppings around or inside your home
  • Scratching or squeaking noises in your walls
  • Dirty or greasy spots on your walls and floors
  • Footprints on dusty surfaces
  • Droppings or damaged insulation

If you think you may already have a rodent problem in your home that rodent proofing cannot fix, it may be time to look into hiring an Orange County pest control service or applying DIY techniques for trapping and getting rid of rodents yourself. Our licensed, friendly technicians are trained to create a plan by looking over the perimeter and the entire home, from the roof to the basement to create a plan custom tailored dpending on the extent of the problem.

pictures of a rodent proofing and rodent remediation job


Free Quote & Entry Point Sealing Services


Rodents will be able to enter your home through any crack, gap or hole they may find. In fact, some rodents can even squeeze through areas smaller than a penny. This is why it’s important to inspect your home and locate and seal any entry point they might be able to get through.  We also implement special solutions for businesses or commercial buildings to poison and kill in compliance with best practices

By the time rodent proofing is required, oftentimes the insulation will need to be replaced. Many customers come to us after going through all of the cost and effort of replacing their insulation only to find the problem has returned. That’s why we highly recommend the process is taken care of professionally from the extermination to the prevention.

The first phase is to inspect and repair the following areas of your home:

  • Check your windows and doors and seal any openings bigger than a fourth of an inch.
  • Install vinyl or rubber seals under commonly used doors and windows.
  • Verify that the pipes, drains, and vents in your home are closed tightly.
  • In addition to sealing all potential points of entry, use a rodent repellant spray on any potential gaps every couple of weeks as an extra safety measure.
  • When possible, use steel wool, heavy-gauge wire, hardware cloth, foam sealant, sheet metal and cement as sealing materials.
  • Examine every nook and cranny of your home for entry points. Move large appliances, furniture and boxes that are covering walls. Any furniture or object that can’t be moved, such as counters and cupboards, ensure that they are tightly secured to the wall without any gaps.
  • Check your garage, shed, attic, basement, and porch, in addition to your main living space. These are common areas where rodents will prevail.
  • Homes with animal sounds that started in the walls require that the crawlspace and attic are inspected for damaged insulation that may need repair
  • Areas for baiting the current rodent, mouse or rat activity


Rodent Proofing & Remediation 

Home Repairs, Attic Cleaning Services & Getting Rid of All Rodent Attractants


Rodents are attracted to unclean environments that provide easy sources for food, water and shelter. This is why it’s essential to keep your home as clean as can be and free of these elements. We recommend taking the following steps to clean and rodent-proof your home:

  • Store your food, including your pet and bird food, in tightly sealed metal, glass and/or plastic containers.
  • Pick up trash, fruits and vegetables that may have fallen in your garden or outside areas.
  • Get rid of any spilled food or liquids in your cupboards, drawers, counters, tables, floors, and fridge.
  • Do not leave glasses of water or other drinks or food out overnight. Whenever possible, wash all dishes before going to sleep at night.
  • Use a tightly sealable lid on your trash can, and be sure to not let too much garbage accumulate before taking it outside.
  • Remove debris from your outside property and keep your grass, trees, lawn, and bushes trimmed and tidy. Trees in particular create shadows that become attractive hiding places for rodents.
  • Declutter your home and avoid storing too many boxes in storage areas. When possible, keep items off your floor and otherwise placed on high shelves.
  • Try to not leave pet food lying around for too long. Develop a feeding routine with your pets that ensures they finish their food promptly and keep their eating area relatively clean. Avoid leaving dirty pet bowls with uneaten food on the floor.
  • If you own a bird feeder, keep it as far away from your home as possible. Bird feeders are one of the biggest rodent attractions.
  • Keep your garage and patio doors closed as often as possible. Never leave them open overnight.
  • Rats are attracted to gardens but repelled by peppermint. If you own a garden, consider growing peppermint leaves as a rodent proofing safety measure. For those who don’t own a garden, peppermint scented oils will offer similar results.
  • As general advice, regularly deep clean your house to keep it as clean as can be. The cleaner and tidier your home is, the less likely you are to have a rodent infestation.
  • Rodent removal services as necessary, including traps and signs of other wildlife
  • We offer a solution that guarantees another exterminator will never have to come set traps again
  • Cleaning out all of the affected areas is also essential

While many companies choose to treat only the immediate problem, a professional exterminator will follow the proper protocols to ensure ever entry is sealed to keep your home pest free. The building oftentimes has several places with holes that need to be removed. Our business strives to make sure not only that original pests are dead, but no new ones can return. We don’t believe in temporary fixes. The size of each issue can vary depending on the interior and how the pests are entering. We don’t consider the job completed until the homeowners report to our team that our proofers have successfully kept the problem at bay for several months.


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