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Got Raccoons?

The population of Raccoons in the United States has been going up and up and will continue to do so. In the wild, these little guys would prefer to shack up in a hollow tree, muskrat houses or ground burrows, but in the urban areas things change.

Raccoons are great climbers and burrowers. This means no 2 raccoon problems are exactly alike. They find their way into attics, basements and yards all over America. If you’re suspecting a Raccoon might be lurking, here’s a few things to look out for:

Scratching, bumping or thumping sounds coming from the attic, chimney, or walls

Urine and feces in the attic, chimney, roof, or walls

Burrowing under decks, sheds, concrete stoops and garages

Damage to insulation and wires

Getting into trash cans

Knocking down bird feeders

Eating Fish From Ponds

While there are plenty of DIY solutions, they typically offer a short term fix. You can purchase chemical deterrents around entry points if they are getting into the yard. Trapping is an option, but there are laws on how the Raccoon must be handled after being trapped. However, removing these critters from the attic and other places of your home is a much more involved process and contacting a professional is highly reccomended.





The first step is to identify how, why, and where the raccoons are getting in.


The removal process varies from situation to situation, especially when there are baby cubs involved. In any case, we remove them in a humane and compassionate manner.

Proofing / Restoration

After the immediate problem has been dealt with, the next step is to ensure that all entry points are secured to keep any other raccoons from coming around.


These guys tend to wreak havoc if they make it inside of the house. The damaged insulation not only increases electricity costs, but also poses a risk of disease. We restore any damaged areas like new if necessary.


As part of our Workmanship Guarantee, we will make repeated vists to ensure no new entry points have been established over the next couple of months.

Why We're #1 For Raccoons

Using proven, effective strategies to turn your raccoon problems into a thing of the past.. Permanently.

Tri County Trappers utilizes what is called an “Integrated Pest Management” approach. Widely considered the industry standard, we deploy a wide range of methods to ensure the issue has zero chance of persisting.

As far as the common home invaders go, Raccoons are often the most problematic. If left unchecked, they can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. They’re also known to spread disease, including rabies. The professionals at Tri County Trappers are here to make sure they are handled in a swift and timely manner.


Do You Offer Raccoon Removal, Exclusion, & Proofing Near Me?

Tri County Trappers has served the greater Southern California area for over 10 years. With locations in Huntington Beach and Los Angeles, we’re usually able to assess your raccoon problem within 24 hours of your call. So, don’t hesitate, reach out today!

Make Raccoon Problems A Thing Of The Past.

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